Been a while

I realise it’s been a while, which has been due to a combination of life being unusually hectic and the fact that I haven’t been producing much art. A lot of my time has been spent building my own home, since I moved out from my parents’ this January. I didn’t have much in way of furniture, so there’s been quite a few trips to IKEA and curses trying to put the furniture together.

But now I’ve settled in. My art stuff is unpacked and easily reachable, and I’ve done a few drawings. I’ve also started meeting up with the local chapter of Urban Sketchers again, even if my presence there is sporadic due to my work schedule.

I’m going to start posting again. As I don’t have a scanner, the quality of pictures won’t be as good as previously, but hopefully we’ll make do until I’ve got myself one.

On Sunday there’ll be a drawing up. Come back then!


Oh, this is old. But the pictures been on my phone for ages, but I wanted to fix it up a bit on the computer before posting it since the camera in my phone sucks.


I met up with Dani, one of the members of my Urban Sketchers Group, for a cup of coffee and we decided to do a collaboration as we sat there. I drew the angel, she drew the cute tomboy (the background was drawn just as I had to leave), and we coloured each others drawings.

It was a lot of fun and it was interesting to colour somebody else’s work. Something I need to do more often, I think.

October 6th 2016.

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