Drawing: Detail from my desk

Another still life drawing. This time I’ve taken the motif from my desk, where I have quite to display of ornaments. This is of a fake-book, a lantern and a couple of candle-holders that are right in the middle of the display.


This took quite some time, but it turned out awesome. I’m really, really happy with the inking and the shadowing. If everything could turn out this well I would be one happy artist!

September 22nd 2016.

Sketch: Old Storehouse

Another Sunday, another meet with the Urban Sketchers group. This time we went to harbour. Or rather, the industrial harbour, as there are couple of others as well.


This is my first “urban” drawing for the group and if I’m going to draw houses, I’m bringing a ruler. I’m not very happy with this sketch, as it looks rather cartoony due to perspective failure. There’s a bit of disconnect in my head, because it doesn’t look like one of my drawings and I just simply don’t like it.

Most of the time. Other times I look at it and think it’s a bit cute. I like the shadowing on the truck in the foreground. But clearly I need to practise drawing buildings more.

September 25th 2016.

Inktober 2016, Day 1-7

Through one of the new members in our Urban Sketchers group, I learnt about Inktober and thought I’d give it a shot. I’m not sure I’ll be able to participate through the whole month, as I’m starting a new job on the 18th and will be dead tired for the first couple of weeks.

But until then I’ll try to do an ink drawing every day. I’ll post them each Saturday until I catch up with the drawings for September, then I’ll do an entry ever Monday with my Inktober drawings. Maybe not all of them. I’ll save my urban sketches for Sundays still 😉 That’s why some days will be missing from these entries.

Day 1: Pirate Wench


I started off Inktober by cheating a little, using ProMarkers as well as ink pen. Though, since I wanted the inking to be the focus, I used ProMarkers to form simple colour blocks. I regret the background so, so much. The scanner has also done poorly on reproducing the colours – the bandana and skirt are not yellow, but lime green. I didn’t notice until now when I sat down to post this. I’ll redo it later.

As you can see, I got to use one of my sketches from the figure drawing event for this image. I plan to revisit this character again for Inktober.

Day 3: Staircase


For day three, I finished an old drawing I had laying about. I began sketching this staircase back in July, when I was in Scania, and it’s from the house I was staying in. Marble stairs are scary to walk in, but striking to look at.

I’m fond of the textures in this one.

Day 4: Cat


I was feeling a bit tired and uninspired, so I decided to keep it very simple for day four and draw a tabby. It’s been a while since I drew a cat and I think it turned out really cute.

Day 5: Dandelion


Not the most creative picture I’ve ever drawn, but I think it turned out rather well.

Day 6: Tree


For the sixth day I decided to draw a tree, something I’ve wanted to work on. It turned out rather well, despite me losing interest halfway through and being a little sloppy.

Day 7: Tarantula


It’s kind of obligatory to draw a spider when Halloween’s approaching, so I drew this tarantula. I think it’s my first time drawing a spider and I’m rather happy with the result.

I do regret the shadowing beneath the body, though. Parts of it looks fine, other parts look really off.

Throwback Thursday: Self-Portrait

Those of you who like the facebook page (and if you don’t already, please do) might have noticed this image.


For my art class we did two self-portraits, one in pencil and one in ink, where we were supposed to practise hatching and crosshatching.

I got the comment that it looks like I have fur in this picture. Close-up, it sure does, but if you take a couple of steps back it stops looking like fur and looks rather interesting instead.

ca 2008-2009

Drawing: Lillebror

For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw a picture of my sister’s dog, Lillebror, but I’ve been putting it off for some strange reason. Now I’ve finally come around to doing it.


I haven’t drawn dogs that much, so I was pleasantly surprised when I still managed to capture his likeness. Especially since I was working with charcoal, a medium I struggle with. But this was a pretty good effort.

The scanner, however, made it much sharper than it is in real life, as well as lost details such as the background. I think I’ll go back to photographing my drawings instead.

September 15th 2016.

Drawing: Bonchance Hornline

My sister recently competed in her first dressage competition with her and mum’s horse, Bonchance Hornline. I decided to comemorate this with a drawing.


It’s been a long while since I last drew a horse, but it was surprisingly easy to get back into things. The lines and proportions came back quickly, since there was a time when I often drew horses.

The best part of this, in my opinion, is the eye and the shadowing on the neck. I’m not too happy with the muzzle as the colours wouldn’t blend the way I wanted them to.

September 13th 2016.

Sketch: Fallen tree

Another Sunday, another meet with Urban Sketchers. We’re on our way to become an official group, you guys.

While the rest of the group sat in the sun and sketched the cityscape from up high, I went off on my own to the shadows and a tree that had fallen down.


I was drawn to its shape, and it gave an interesting perspective exercise due to the foreshortening and twisting shapes. I tried to experiment with texture to create the impression of fallen leaves on the ground.

Rocks turned out to be my weak point, though. I had a hard time hatching the shape and it still doesn’t look quite right to me. Though better than it was before,

September 18th 2016.

The Big Draw

As I mentioned this Tuesday, I went to this free figure drawing event at one of the local artists’ shop last Saturday. We have this day in my city called Kulturnatten (the Cultural Night), where different shops and venues participate. Lots of music, lots of art exhibitions, lots of cool happenings.

Gredelins offered an hour of free figure drawing, which was awesome. Though I realised I really suck at figure drawing. I’m simply not quick enough.

I also apologise about the horrible picture quality. It’s getting to that time of the year when my old house gets too dark to take photographs inside.

bigdraw1 bigdraw2 bigdraw3



I started off really ambitious and then felt how I just got worse and worse. The final one is a disaster.

Still, I feel that I can use a couple of these sketches to do more completed drawings later on. So there’ll be some pirate-inspired art coming up!

September 24th.