Sketch: Well

For my second meet up with the sketchers from the local Urban Sketchers took place at a graveyard. Spooky. There’s a lot of interesting geometrical shapes in a graveyard, so there’s a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it also happened to be one of the hottest days of summer which didn’t make one inclined to work very hard.

I had scouted out this well beforehand that I wanted to draw:


I started off with a whole lot of enthusiasm, which quickly died down as the heat beat down on me. Sometimes I’m not very patient when I draw and I ended up feeling rather frustrated working on this sketch, so I abandoned it before I probably should have. I do have a reference pic snapped, so I will probably revisit the well in the future and do another picture of it.

One of the probable reasons why I ended up frustrated is because from the position I was sitting, the perspective was really weird. I don’t feel I quite got it. But I like my use of hatching and crosshatching, and the shadowing.

I did another quick and dirty sketch from this meet up, which will be up later today.

July 24th 2016.

Throwback Thursday: A failed Snape

Don’t get used to getting two posts a day, but in the beginning I feel the need to get some content out here. And while we are on the subject of clay, I think I can show off this poor guy that I haven’t been taking properly care of since I made him.


I call him “poor guy” because he’s no longer stuck to the backboard, as he broke free of the glue several years ago and I still haven’t fixed it.


I mentioned in my intro post how my school had this art profile, which meant I got to do a lot of artsy stuff in school. We could have different combinations like metalwork, but I did fine art. Still we had to do crossovers and work with different materials than we’d signed up for. So one assignment was to create a face of clay and then mount it on a wooden fram we built.


I’ll never forget how my teacher asked me, before I painted it, if I intended to make an “African mask.” My intention all along was to make a sculpture of Severus Snape, who is one of my all time favourite characters. Unfortunately I was ill during the time we dyed the hair, so he ended up blond. Hence, a failed Snape.

The best plans of mice and men, you know…

Done somewhere during the school year of 2006 and 2007.

Throwback Thursday: Portrait of Ann-Sofie

For my first TBB-post, I thought I’d show of some work in a medium I hardly ever work with: clay. This was an assignment I did for my art class back in upper secondary. While I didn’t fall in love with the exercise, I thought it was a great deal of fun to try out something a bit different.

Portrait of Ann-Sofie

We had to partner up for the assignment, sit opposite one another and try to make portraits of each other. I partnered with my best friend at the time, but I don’t think it turned out to look much like her at all. Still, there’s something about the expression that reminds me of her…

Portrait of Ann-Sofie

We were told to make them intentionally rough and not smooth them out. Our teacher encouraged us to keep the places where we added new clay visible.

Portrait of Ann-Sofie

I can’t see myself doing it very often, but I must say that looking at these pictures make me almost want to buy some clay and get to work. But I don’t think I have the patience for it, really.

Sketch: Tree and streetlight

For my first meet-up with the urban sketchers gang, I also started on another drawing, which I didn’t have time to finish that day. Using a reference picture I finished it the next day at home:


I saw another interesting tree next to a street lamp and thought it’d make a nice composition. For some reason the street lamp makes me think of Narnia, one of my childhood favourites.

This picture turned out a bit better, I think. Probably because I was a little more warmed up, but mostly because there’s a bit more background. I’m really happy with the shadowing and textures, particularly with the street lamp.

July 18th 2016.

Sketch: Trees in the park

Before leaving for Scania, I had found my local chapter (or what should I call it? Group?) of Urban Sketchers but hadn’t had quite the courage to meet up with them. After I got back I decided to join.

We met at one of the parks in my city, called Folkparken (the people’s park, roughly.) I still felt really rusty, so I decided to do a simple sketch of a couple of trees:


I liked the shape of the tree in the front and the way that the shadows played over it. But as I worked, the sun changed position so that the shadows kept moving and made my life a bit difficult.

It’s still noticeable how out of practice I was, but I’m happy with the shadow and light and the textures. In hindsight, I should have expanded the background more so that the trees wouldn’t seem to float around in a big empty space.

July 17th 2016.


Sketch: Girl in front of fountain

I battled a serious illness last fall, which put me into a serious artistic slump. The last dated drawing in my sketchpad was from October before July this year when I went to Scania with my family and I produced a quick and dirty sketch:

little girl at the fountain

We went to Torup’s Castle, where I caught sight of a little girl in front of the fountain. I didn’t dare to snap a picture, but quickly threw down a rough sketch of the scene as remembered it. The little blonde girl in her blue dress in front of the water, surrounded by blue and red flowers, made a nice composition. I just jotted down the basic details quickly, not caring much about proportions, just wanting to remember the basics. You can tell I haven’t picked up a pencil in nine months, but I still thought I’d share it as it did get me back on track again.

I’ve plans to turn this into a watercolour painting later.

Hello world!

I’ve been a book blogger since 2012, and therefore have some blogging experience. For a while now, I’ve considered creating an art blog to show off some of my art and get inspired by others. As I’m currently drawing rather a lot, I thought I might take the leap and launch this little blog called “Creating My Own Reality.”

Why the name?

Originally I wanted to name the blog “Pastel Dreams,” as this is what I’ve called a site dedicated to my art previously. But a quick google search showed that this is a rather common name for art blogs, and I didn’t want to get my blog confused with others.

I found this quote attributed Alberto Giacometti – “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” – that I felt mirrored my relationship to art rather well. My aim isn’t to reproduce reality exactly as it looks, but with the same feel and influenced by my own style. Thus, “creating my own reality.”

Who am I?

The name is Cassandra and at the moment I’m 25 years old. I live in Sweden, in an old industrial city with lots and lots of beautiful buildings that I really ought to draw more often. But I’m rather bad at landscapes, and mostly do portraits.

I don’t have any formal art education. In Sweden, all pupils’ have art on their schedule during our compulsory education. The school I attended at the time also had something called “profiles” and mine was art, which meant I spent rather a lot of my time in school producing art and learning different techniques. In upper secondary, which is voluntary, you can get to choose an artsy elective and I picked art over music or dancing and what else they now offered. As my new school had an arts’ program, the teachers were excellent and I learnt a lot. Still, I’m mostly self-taught.

In recent years I’ve started to use mainly ProMarkers when I draw. I also draw with pens and colour pencils. Previously I’ve done a lot of water colour paintings, but it’s been a while, and also painted using Chinese ink. I’ve dabbled in acrylics, but don’t quite get the feel for it, and charcoal is a bit messy for my taste, but I often love the finished result.

I’ve recently found my local chapter of Urban Sketchers and try to meet up with the group at least once a week, but as you know – life has a way of getting in the way. But it’s a great deal of fun and I get a chance to go out of my comfort zone. And hopefully improve my landscape drawing skills.

How will it work?

As it’s an art blog, it’ll be based on what I produce. As this probably will vary from time to time, depending on how busy I am, it’s hard to set a definite blogging schedule. Especially considering that I, at the moment, enjoy rather much spare time, but this might be subject to change at short notice.

But I think that I’ll try to update at least three times a week. On Mondays, I’ll try to post something I’ve recently drawn. On Thursday, I’ll have Throwback Thursday to show off some old drawings and paintings, and hopefully show off how I’ve grown as an artist. On Sundays, I’ll show off some Urban Sketchers work.

There might be more drawings and paintings during the week, there might be less. I also might put on some book reviews of art books or post tips about my favourite art blogs. We’ll have to see.

But I’m excited to start this journey with you.

An Art Blog