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Drawing: Detail from my desk

Another still life drawing. This time I’ve taken the motif from my desk, where I have quite to display of ornaments. This is of a fake-book, a lantern and a couple of candle-holders that are right in the middle of the display.


This took quite some time, but it turned out awesome. I’m really, really happy with the inking and the shadowing. If everything could turn out this well I would be one happy artist!

September 22nd 2016.

Sketch: Still Life

I turn to my living room at times for inspiration, and after my mother’s birthday this lovely composition happened to catch my eye.

still lifeI liked how the boxes where sticking out from the table, combined with the lantern and vase of roses. I wanted to practice hatching and crosshatching, so I felt that ink pens were a natural choice. And I was still really happy with my purchase and wanted to use them as much as I could. I’m really satisfied with how this turned out.

August 29th 2016.